ACNC urges charities to consult website

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is urging charities to consult its website for practical guidance and tips to simplify the filing of annual information statements.

The commission’s Director of reporting, red-tape reduction, and corporate services Mel Yates said the hub was especially useful this year as charities needed to understand some recent changes.

‘There are new charity size thresholds, and, for large charities, there are new requirements to report salaries and remuneration of some of their leaders – key management personnel such as their CEOs or board members’, Mr Yates said.

‘The hub contains information and resources that explain those changes as well as a wealth of other useful guidance and tips.’

Mr Yates said the hub had a tool to preview the relatively new charity-programs section of the annual statements so that charities could become familiar with what was asked of them and make the most of the opportunity to promote their work to donors, grant-makers, and volunteers.

‘Much of the information charities submit in the AIS is shown on the Charity Register, including information about their programs,’ said Mr Yates.

‘The register is viewed by the public millions of times each year, so it makes sense that charities fully consider the detail they provide about their programs to highlight the vital work they do to the public and potential supporters.’

Visit the hub at