Nazareth Residential Aged Care

Pictured: Doina Silvas Facility Manager and Kristina Fischer Clinical Nurse Specialist

For over a decade, Facility Manager Doina Silvas has been providing care and assistance for the residents of the Nazareth Residential Aged Care (NazCare) community in Woolloongabba. Nazareth Residential Aged Care began its life as a low care facility called, ‘The White House’ back in the 1970’s. Over the past 40 years, the facility has grown significantly, and now offers low and high care, as well as palliative care and the best of support technologies for its residents.

Under the leadership and governance of the Board of Management, NazCare employs 45 staff and is home to 32 residents; however their community reach is much wider. Doina estimates an additional 130+ members of the community come through the facility doors on a regular basis as friends and family of the residents. With such a large network of stakeholders, Doina has always worked hard not just to meet regulatory requirements, but to exceed them. “Our primary core business is people in the context of health. NazCare is our residents’ home, and it needs to feel that way”.

The aged care sector faces many challenges including subsidy cutbacks, constant changes in how the sector is regulated, as well as changes in technology. “One of our biggest challenges has always been the rapid changes in technology and how that can create a lack of continuity”. Doina goes on to say: “That’s one of the things we appreciate about McConachie Stedman. They can answer all of our questions and guide us on how to use the various new platforms when we need assistance”. 

Being a not-for-profit, Nazareth Aged Care is subject to annual audits. “When I (Doina) began with Nazareth, we were using a different accountant. We required an independent third party auditor and that was McConachie Stedman. We were so impressed with their work that we have kept the relationship going ever since”. What used to take four people days now takes considerably less time as the procedures and the Audit and Assurance team have a sound streamlined process in place. “We look forward to audit visits. The staff have great people skills and are forensic in their approach to their work”. NazCare has always had to adapt to different processes in staffing and resources, and provides sound guidance with regards to their expectations. Doina feels that McConachie Stedman’s expectations of their own staff and procedures have aligned on this front. “McConachie Stedman provides a high level of diligence, and the process is transparent. Our alliance with McConachie Stedman means that our Board, management, and stakeholders know we are on track”. 

The management at Nazareth Residential Aged Care works hard to enable their own staff, with the Board insisting all staff have a high level of education, and they undertake regular ongoing training. With NazCare providing staff fully-funded professional development, Doina says, “Staff truly understand what they are here to do, and this means we have loyal and long term employees”. In a place like Nazareth Residential Aged Care where staff provide not just care, but also facilitate the lifestyle of residents, it is important that they are equipped with the skills to do so. Doina hopes to see NazCare expand into a specialist care facility offering the best possible dementia care to residents. They have recently acquired land, and now will have the opportunity to expand on their charter to care for and assist the ageing members of the community.    

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. The Audit and Assurance team are proud to be able to provide Nazareth Residential Aged Care with the peace of mind they need to focus on their primary role as carers for their residents and in their community. 

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