YellowBridge QLD

YellowBridge QLD is a local not-for-profit, which helps people in the Toowoomba, Southern Downs and Lockyer Valley regions to access much-needed assistance in the areas of housing, disability support, youth and home services. Each year YellowBridge QLD’s 130 staff support more than 4,000 people across these four primary service areas. In addition to their primary services YellowBridge QLD operate a youth driving program where they assist young people in their supported accommodation service ‘The Haven’ to achieve their 100 hours of supervised driving, and a boutique op-shop called Collectables. 

CEO Penny Hamilton, has worked with YellowBridge QLD for the past 5 years taking them through a period of change as they re-branded the organisation to what we now know as YellowBridge QLD. “The business is actually 40 years old, and started with an innovative fellow, Des Orr who set-up a community organisation with $20 from his mother and a packet of Arrowroot biscuits. In 1983 he somehow convinced Channel 10 to hold their telethon for what was then called, H-Help. This raised enough funds to strengthen the organisation. In 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons, he then convinced Australia Post to put H-Help on the first day cover. That was enough for him to set-up an incorporated association. At the same time that was going on, Toowoomba Community Housing was happening and in 2011 those two companies merged and formed Assert Services, which we now know as YellowBridge QLD”. 

When Penny began working with YellowBridge QLD, McConachie Stedman had already established a relationship with the business. The firm had worked with H-Help and then continued to support Assert Services after the merge. Penny recalls that in the early days the organisation faced difficulties in understanding and interpreting the financial literacy. “It’s not generally our core skill. If it wasn’t for McConachie Stedman, I don’t know where we would be today”. YellowBridge QLD continues to grow and today the organisation has a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who helps manage the organisation’s finances. These days, McConachie Stedman looks after the organisation’s audits, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) returns, and assists YellowBridge QLD with any challenges around changing legislation and practice standards. “If something happens in the accounting world they let us know before it becomes a problem for us”.

As a community focused business, it was important to YellowBridge QLD that they were working with other likeminded organisations. “For us, it’s about a local company. We know that Toowoomba is a fantastic community and together we need to make the change in the community. One of the greatest strengths of McConachie Stedman is their community spirit. It’s just evident in every aspect of their business. They support us in the Yellow Bucket Christmas Appeal and they also come on board with the Business Disability Awards, but we also see everything else they do. They have a big heart for our community.”

With YellowBridge QLD now well recognised and supported by the Toowoomba community, the organisation is looking to the future. The recent purchase of the former ‘Skate City’ building has provided Penny and her colleagues with an amazing opportunity to bring their 130 strong team together in a central location. Currently YellowBridge QLD operate a head office in Station Street, but also support staff at other locations. This new location will provide staff and clients with a central hub. “We are a progressive organisation that believes we are better together.” 

The McConachie Stedman audit team feels privileged to be able to support YellowBridge QLD in their business and accounting needs, but even more grateful to have an organisation like this in our community offering support to those who need it most.

For further information on YellowBridge QLD, please visit their website